Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Precious Moment

My to-do list hovers above like a thundercloud

Bulging, roiling, ready to burst its seams, releasing its flood of tedium:

Laundry, dishes, meal prep, housecleaning

But beneath the gathering storm, I sit with you, an oasis of peace

Your head is nestled in the crook between my neck and shoulder

At almost two, your body will soon outgrow this spot, but for now it’s a perfect fit

You’re having trouble falling asleep

Your toddler bones itching to move,

Your curiosity unquenchable

So we rock

Back and forth

Back and forth


So slowly and rhythmically that my own eyes are growing heavy

To give in to the doze would be to sacrifice this rare, beautiful moment

Not yet

So we rock

Back and forth

Back and forth

Your limbs grow heavy, and in the end, mine too


As any mother knows, my job is never done

The chores are infinite and will be there when I wake

These moments, however, are fleeting and numbered

So for now, I have nothing to do but rock with you.

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